Meet Erin

Erin received her Masters degree in social work, which she earned summa cum laude from the University of Maryland.  After graduating, she studied psychodynamic psychotherapy in a post-graduate training program, and continued her education in a post-graduate program focusing on relational psychotherapy.  She currently is pursuing certification in Gottman Method Couples Therapy. She has held clinical social work licenses in Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Washington, D.C. 


There may be a time in your life when you are struggling, and you aren't sure what to do.  You may find yourself in need of a listening ear, or may have many unanswered questions.  You may feel unable to decide how to handle a relationship, mood or situation.  At such a time, psychotherapy can be helpful.   

​Have you experienced any of the following?

  • I have or a family member has feelings, moods or behaviors that I do not like or understand, or that seem out of control.
  • I have relationship difficulties that I can’t seem to resolve.
  • I am sad, depressed, anxious, or unable to concentrate.  I feel stuck, out of options or am lacking hope.  I am having trouble getting out of bed in the morning.
  • I suspect that I have or a family member has an addiction.
  • I am having or a family member is having trouble with a major life transition, such as graduation from school, becoming a parent, accepting a loved one's death, or dealing with a divorce.
  • I am angry at myself and my loved ones very often.  I am unmotivated, lethargic or routinely exhausted.
  • My friends and family have distanced themselves from me and I don't know why.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, hang in there. Change is possible.  Welcome to the psychotherapy practice of Erin Gilbert. 

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